Mission Statement

Each year in spring, the Association’s Fireworks Committee meets with the local fireworks wholesalers and test “Safe & Sane” fireworks for compliance performance before they are permitted for sale for the Fourth of July holiday.

Disclaimer – Please Read

All Fireworks purchased from the following are illegal to possess, store or use anywhere in Clark County, Nevada, and its incorporated cities at any time:
An Indian Reservation in Nevada
A vendor in Pahrump, Nevada
Fireworks brought from out of state
Only Safe and Sane Fireworks purchased from authorized FPAN Wholesalers and Retailers are legal for possession, storage, or use from June 28 through July 4 of any year.

Committee Members

Dennis Bergquist – Chairman
City of Las Vegas Fire & Rescue
Office: 702.229.0345
Email: dbergquist@cityoflasvegasnevada.gov

Larry Kusler – Member
City of Las Vegas Fire & Rescue
Office: 702.229.0439
Email: lkulser@lasvegasnevada.gov

Kris White – Member
City of North Las Vegas Fire Dept.
Office: 702.633.2251
Email: whitek@cityofnorthlasvegas.com

Laura Pippin – Member
Clark County Fire Department
Office: 702.219.9982
Email: c1721las@co.clark.nv.us

Dan Bushkin – Member
Clark County Fire Department
Office: 702.455.3930
Fax: 702.267.3931
Email: dbushkin@co.clark.nv.us

Brad Stasik – Member
City of Henderson
Office: 702.267.3930
Fax: 702.267.3931
Email: bradstasik@cityofhenderson.com